Saturday, September 19, 2009

back to work

for the last three weeks, I have planned and shopped and napped. I have made lists and crossed things off one by one. I took my kids to the zoo (twice), babysat for friends, had lunch with my friends, cleaned house, bought stuff, sold stuff, forgot to do stuff and got my hair chopped off :0)

And on Monday I start a new job. When I left my last place of employment, this is not what I had in mind but circumstances being what they are I decided to go back to work. Yes, I will miss being home with Ben and Caitlyn. I will miss seeing Amanda getting off the bus and run to the house with a smile on her face and being home for her when school is out. I think I will like my new job. It is closer to home and I know I will be busy. I will have health insurance which is major. I'm still confused as to what the whole point was of the months of planning I did but I am trying not to dwell on it and just move forward in a positive way.

It was a good three weeks(which by the way I was paid for from the last hell hole) but I guess the time for dreaming is over and it's back to what is.

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