Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where I'm from

I found this great idea on my friend Gretchen's blog. Here is my attempt.

I am from bikes and tennis on the blacktop road; from Ball jars, Ford station wagons and Saturday morning cartoons.
I am from the old blacksmith shop with the tumble down shed in the back; from well water and gardens.
I am from the Lilac and the Weeping Willow.
I am from oyster soup and new pajamas at Aunt Pearl's on Christmas Eve; the Smith blue eyes and the Culumber chin.
From Merle Arlene and Pearl Lorene; from Butch, Bud and Peewee; from proud Irish and the salt of the earth.
I am from hard work and hollerin; whippins and hand me downs
From "Were you born in a barn?" and "Don't make me pull this car over."
I am from churches with steeples and wooden pews; from "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Amazing Grace"; from organ pipes and bells that ring at noon.
I am from city and country, from Kings Road and Garden Valley; from green grass and roling hills; cornfields and dairy cows.
I'm from Mac&Chees, mashed potatoes, divinity and grandma's noodles.
From chocolate pudding thrown in my eye by a brother who begged me not to tell; from the strawberry cleaning water fight and the goldfish that got "cooked" in a bowl on top of the stove.
I am from photo albums with black paper pages and white corner tabs; from graduation pictures in frames lined up on the wall. I am from cedar chests and cigar boxes holding memories and tresures for generations to come.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My poor boy

Ben had to have a tooth pulled today. :0( He has had a cavity for over a year now and I have been waiting for the adoption to go through so that he could be on my dental insurance. I am still waiting.... He developed an abscess last weekend and I knew I had to do something immediately. I called the Dr. and got him some antibiotics and then called the pediatric dentist I want to use and told the caseworker I didn't care, I would pay for it myself, but the tooth had to come out. The dentist is great, but she said that it was the worst abscess she had seen in a long time and the rest of the dental work (yes there is more) will have to be done in the hospital so he can be put out. I feel like a terrible mom for waiting so long but he will feel so much better now. He did ok, but it was a very bad way to start a Monday.

Monday, March 8, 2010

My kids do the weirdest things

They like to put their little chairs inside the laundry baskets and sit in them to watch TV in my room.