Monday, September 13, 2010


Everyone is in school.  Amanda is in 6th grade this year.  I cannot believe it.  It has not been an easy start for her.  She struggles alot with turning things in and being prepared and being responsible.  I have already had a meeting with her teachers after 5 detentions in three weeks.  *sigh*  I am simply at my wits end.  We have had changes at home too.  My niece (who lives with us) who was helping me by watching the little kids and getting everyone on  and off the bus gave me very short notice that she got a job and couldn't do that anymore.  Needless to say, I was not very happy. 

So now Ben and Caitlyn are back in daycare.  They went back to the same place I had them before so they are comfortable and happy. I know everyone there and the routine so I am ok with it.  Except for the money I now have to shell out for daycare.  :0(  very bad.

But, Ben and Cait are also in pre-school this year.  Caitlyn goes to daycare at 7:30 am and the bus picks her up to go to the school at 7:55 am.  She gets back to daycare at 11 ish and stays the rest of the day.  She seems to like it very much and is really tired at the end of the day which I like come bedtime.
Ben goes to daycare in the morning and the bus picks him up at noon ish to take him to school and brings him back when school gets out.  He doesn't get a nap, so by bedtime he is exhausted.  Again, good for mommy.

I hate the new routine and would like a new job with better hours and more money, but so far that is not happening.  I am sad and frustrated and tired.  I am continually reminding myself that God will provide, but I am struggling financially and emotionally right now to see that happening.

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