Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly...

It has been a wild few weeks!  To start with, I quit my job.  yep,  I did it.  I had only been there for 2 years, but i didn't love it and I have many more important things on my mind. 
#1 Amanda - since last school year was dismal, this year I thought I would do something radical and homeschool her.  We started last week. We are adjusting.  Some days she is compliant... some days not. so. much.  She wants to be in control and we all know that's not gonna happen!
#2 Me - I am trying to finish my degree and I have so much homework and papers and everything, I cannot fit it all in to one day. 
#3 Also me - I want to continue being a foster parent and I can't really take any placements when I have to work and/or study all the time.  I had a licensing visit today with Catholic Charities ( and that is another whole dilemma)  Hopefully things will work out and I will soon get a baby (or two) :-)
# 4 Ben - Kindergarten is off with a bang.  I love being able to get him on the bus and be home when he gets off the bus.  I love being able to be outside with him and play and be home on no-school days. 
#5 Caitlyn - I am hoping that by being with me more, which she loves, her  bad habit of screaming and throwing tantrums would get under control.  No luck on that yet *sigh*
I have been gone from work almost a month and I don't feel too panicky yet.  I have some money saved and I have subsidy money coming in so I am staying afloat financially but i will need income soon.  The funny thing is I am NOT worried.  I have said from the first that I TRUST GOD to provide.  I am trusting him and trying to be obedient and I don't feel worried (yet, lol)

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