Sunday, February 12, 2012


If there is one thing that is true around this house it is that things change... often.  January was a pretty sucky month.  I was drained and tired and bored.  I waited and waited and nothing I wanted to happen actually happened.  No new kids, no great breakthrough with my darling homeschooled child, nothing.  So when February rolled around, I felt the need for a CHANGE!  So once again I am painting a new room.  I am turning the sunroom/playroom into Caitlyn's bedroom.  It is going from barn red to sunny yellow, new curtains for the 8 windows that are in there.  Then Amanda is moving back upstairs and I am moving back upstairs, and my mom is going back downstairs. Amanda's room might get painted again too, I haven't decided if I will be that motivated.
Right now the house is a mess, there is a ladder in the sunroom waiting for me to touch up some yellow paint, the dining room chairs and table have been turned into a safari tent with a sheet and all the stuffed (jungle) animals are in a pile next to the piano.
My ice maker isn't making ice, my dryer doesn't put off hot air and my furnace stopped working twice last week.  This is my life. :-) 

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  1. I have been itching for a change's coming!