Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love Saturdays

We are having such a nice, lazy day today. Sometimes we just don't do anything on Saturdays. I got to sleep until 8 am! of course, Ben was in the bed with me since about 3:30 am, but still. the kids grazed thru breakfast, and watched cartoons. The dogs were able to stay outside for quite a while. Amanda did her very few chores right away and now at 1:05, Caitlyn is sleeping, Ben is watching an old Barney video for the 100th time downstairs while mom grades papers, Amanda is playing on the wii and I am contemplating a nap even though I have laundry to get started.

Ben is wearing underwear today. Aunt Debbie bought him a pair of train underwear for Christmas which he found last night and was thrilled. He has gone potty twice and been dry for quite a while, maybe this is the turning point. One can only hope.

I think I'll go take that nap now.......

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