Sunday, March 1, 2009

Conversations with Ben....

I was coming out of the bedroom where I had been putting away clothes and I see Ben sitting on the arm of the couch wearing only his shirt and socks.

Me: "Ben! Where are your underwear?"
Ben: "In the garbage"
Me: "Why are they in the garbarge?"
Ben: "I don't know. Mommy, I love stawberries"
Me: "uh, ok... go get your underwear out of the garbage."

later that afternoon, Ben is dragging the beanbag onto the couch:

Me: "Ben be careful"
Ben: "Mommy, I love to jump"
Me: "Ben, don't...."

too late he jumped off the back of the couch onto the beanbag. I guess it could have been worse, he could have jumed off the back and hit the floor.

my very favorite:

Ben: "Mommy! I'm poopin." this is said as he is running toward the bathroom holding his hand over his little bottom.
Me: "You know where the bathroom is"
Ben: "You come with me." fun for me huh?

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