Thursday, April 28, 2011


A few months ago I found out that because Ben & Cait's adoptions were finalized in 2010 and they were considered "special needs" adoptions, I am going to be the recipient of a rather large tax refund.  When I say large, I mean it will allow me to be debt free.  Yes, DEBT FREE!  This is huge!  This is answered prayer, I wondered why their adoptions took so long, God really knew what he was doing, I almost can't believe it, huge.  So, this amazing blessing (when the amendment to my taxes actually files)  leads me to wonder what exactly I should be prepared for.  It gives me such amazing freedom.  Freedom from the 8-5 grind, freedom to pursue a ministry opportunity I have been thinking about for years, freedom to serve God with abandon.(which I should be doing anyway, but I worry so much about the future)  I'm nervous.  I feel like God has something planned for me, something drastic. something my small brain will not be able imagine.... or maybe I'm just imagining things.  that's the problem, I just don't know.

And so, I wait and pray. and pray and wait.  Your prayers (whoever you are :-)  would be greatly appreciated as well. 

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