Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My princess

This girl is four years old today.  Every year I think back to what it was like when I found her.  Here is the story.  I knew her birthmother was pregnant since she was about 2 months along and still visiting with Ben (sporadically)  I knew the chances were good that she would have this baby placed into foster care since she has a long history with DCFS and Ben was still an open case.  I asked the caseworker every so often when she was due and what she was having.  He told me that she said she was due in May and she was having a girl.  Something deep inside me kept saying "April"  I don't know, maybe the voice of God. LOL.  but for a few months, I kept hearing April as her due month, I knew she was lying to the caseworker to buy time.  I happened to know where she was living at the time and it happened to be on my way to Wal-mart, so one day I just turned and lo and behold, there she was walking down to road in the rain, HUGELY pregnant.  I called the caseworker when I got back to work and told him I saw her and she was due not in May, but any time.
about 2 weeks after I saw her, she had the baby.  Now here is where it gets interesting.  I have a friend who had twins on April 10 so on April 12, I was on the hospital website looking for pictures of her boys.  suddenly i saw this baby girl and I knew it was her!  I did a little double checking and even called the hospital and asked for her birthmother by name, (yes, I am ashamed to say we hung up when she answered).  I notified the caseworker who did what he needed to do, and a few weeks later on May 15, my baby girl came home!  I drove around for a month with her carseat in my van and had her bag packed.  I just knew, that when the time was right, she would come home to me.  God has amazing timing.
Caitlyn Amelia Joy is such a blessing and we all love her very much.  Happy Birthday to my Princess!

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