Monday, June 11, 2012

The things we endure for our children

I am a wimp.  Plain and simple, I do not like pain and have a low tolerance for it(good thing I have never experienced childbirth) .  But I will endure a lot when it comes to one of these children I did not give birth to.

Today for example.  Baby boy had an EEG scheduled for 8:30 a.m.  Once all the electrodes were attached (all 25 of them) they wanted him to fall asleep.  Like you can make a baby go to sleep on command.  After 15 minutes of me laying half on top of this baby so he doesn't pull a plug and giving him a bottle, he is fussy and tired but not sleeping. My leg is trapped between the bed and guard rail, my left arm is growing weary of holding the bottle in an awkward position, and my right arm is going numb from leaning on it.  Finally, I told the tech that he is used to going to sleep as I hold him with a pacifier in his mouth.  So after some re=positioning,  I end up sitting on the bed holding him as he goes to sleep.  Now my back is killing me because there is no support for it.  I ask the tech how long the test is and she says only 1/2 an hour.

O.K., I am willing to be pinned, sore, tired, aching and numb for that long all for this sweet little boy. I will do whatever it takes.  :0)

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