Tuesday, August 7, 2012

6 months

This little fellow is 6 months old!  As you can see, he has two little teeth poking through on the bottom.  As you can also see, this baby is a chubbers!  It is a little different for me to have a chubby baby as my last two are still so very tiny.
This guy can roll  over from tummy to back, but cries while he does it.  He is not going the other direction yet but we are working on it.
He is loving all his solid foods, even the yucky green veggies and yummy mango and prunes. 
He is also working hard a sitting up by himself but leans a bit, hee hee.
He may have to start PT for a little while due to some weakness on his left side but nothing major.
He is almost completely weaned off of his phenobarbital (yay) and has not had any seizures. (Praise God)
He is verbal, loud and I'm working on "momma" and some sign language too.
His birthmother has not seem him in almost a month.  If she does not visit on the next scheduled day, she is off the visitation schedule once again.  sigh.  this is the strangest case.  I think the case worker wants to expedite the case, but every time they go to court the DCFS investigator does not show up so they have to reschedule.  annoying. Thankfully, in my state, neither the boy nor I have to attend.
I am not sure when or what will happen with this case.  I do know I was not expecting to adopt a fourth baby when I decided to renew my foster license, but obviously God had other plans (and a great sense of humor) 

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