Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summing up July

It is too hot!   The end.

ok,  there was a little more to it, but not much.  It really has been too hot to do anything.  The kids are bored, I am bored and we can only go to so many "field trips" to the sporting goods store, Target or the library just to get out of the house. 

Fortunately, school starts in a month and the other day we went school supply shopping (just to get out of the house).  I almost cried at that total with three kids in school*sigh*  I am still looking for a job and hope to be back to work when the kids go back to school.

Bean is growing and doing great.  He had an EEG in June and it was normal so the neurologist is having me wean him off the phenobarbital and so far so good.  He is up to 15.7 lbs at six months (not bad for a failure to thrive baby)  His mom has only visited one time in the past month even after she threw a fit to have her visits reinstated. Court is ... today.  Hopefully, someone will call me and let me know how that went.  although I am not holding my breath.

Amanda has been taking Zoloft for a while now and I see some improvement, but also some other bad behaviors are coming to light.  Ugh.

So far summer has sucked.  It has been too hot to do anything, not to mention no money for vacation and having the baby makes just getting up and going a little more difficult.  We have done a few fun things,(see pictures above)   but I am hoping next summer is better. 

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