Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Today my big girl hit the double digits. I can't believe I have a 10 year old. The day started out ok, I had made her birthday cake last night (confetti cake, no icing as requested) so it was ready. We were all up on time and ready to go. She got to hear her name on the radio wishing her a happy birthday which was fun. But just about the time the bus was to pick her up, I noticed she didn't have her glasses on...... again. I had to race around to try and find them, couldn't find them, yelled at her in the driveway, felt bad for yelling at her on her birthday and ended with "bye honey, I hope you have a happy birthday"

She didn't. She got a detention at school for lying (and what a whopper she told) to her teacher, she got in trouble at home for lying at school. She told the teacher her brother hit her in the arm with a hammer when they were trying to fix the shed the night before, in the pouring rain and gusting wind, which is why she had my wrist brace on her arm. Sheesh, you would think she would tell a more believable story.

Once we got home things just got worse. She complained about the present her Nana got her, I was apalled at her bad manners and didn't even give her the present I had bought for her I was so mad. She was grounded from the tv, and she didn't bring home her school folder with her detention slip for me to sign or any home work so I made her clean all evening. I'm not sure if I am done with her punishment or not. She wanted to go to a movie tomorrow night that the church is showing for the kids, but I don't think I am inclined to let her go.

***sigh*** I am not sure if we are going to survive the teen years if things don't get better.

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