Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New littles..... maybe

So after 15 months, I get a call from Catholic Charities asking me if I will take a placement.  ?What?  I thought they were out of the foster care game?

Backing up to yesterday, CC called and asked me to reconsider transferring my license and let me know what my other options were.  Really?  You couldn't have let me know this a month ago? Sigh*  Anyway, I told them I would give them until the first of the year before I made any decision about transferring. 

So at 3:30 this afternoon they call and ask if I can take 3 (!)  wee ones aged 6, 5 &3.  Two boys, one girl.  I talked to my mom and my kids and we agreed we could do it.  My Benny does love to have other  boys to play with :-)  He is such a sweet, compassionate boy.  So I scurry about trying to get things in order and beds set up and thinking about car seats, etc...

Then the phone rings again and they tell me that the DCFS hotline may not get someone out there tonight, so the kids probably won't come until tomorrow.  Again, REALLY!?  The situation warrants a call to the hotline, but not important enough to get someone out there tonight?  Oh, did I mention, these babies have been in care and just got placed back in their home recently?  Poor, babies.  So, tonight I will keep preparing and praying for them.  Updates to follow.