Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today was finally the day.  After waiting over a week, the hospital finally released baby boy.  He will be two months old on Friday.  The caseworker(she's new and I like her!) and I had an appointment to meet at 9 am at the hospital and caseworker requested that mom not be there.  So of course she was.  Once we got up to the room and I realized she was in the room with the investigator, I stopped, backed up and waited in the hall.  This was going to be hard enough for her without me stepping on her toes (and probably being a target for her anger) Well, there was lots of crying... then some yelling... then throwing of things... an then finally security was called.  In the mean time, I am awkwardly standing by the nurses station with my diaper bag and car seat just smiling uncomfortably and waiting.

The nurses decided to get baby boy dressed and mom refused to give them any of his clothes she had with her.  Hmmm, good thing I had some in the diaper bag I brought.  While they dressed him, it was agreed that I should go pull my car around to the front door and leave with baby before mom left the hospital room.  Only it didn't quite work out that way.  As I am going down one elevator, mom is going down the other (she must have been walking behind me in the hall) and I was wondering what the screaming was all about that I heard.  Once I got outside, I saw mom and security guard go out a different door.

The hand off from the nurses went fine and baby and I made our way home.  Later in the afternoon, the caseworker and I went shopping for "stuff" he needs.  They are doing it differently now, it used to be I would get reimbursed for beginning essential supplies but now the caseworker meets you with the credit card and the tax exempt card and pays for everything.  I have to say we had fun! (it's always more fun spending someone else's money)  He is the sweetest thing.  He is only 8lbs but he has gained 4lbs in the month he was in the hospital!  I can't imagine how tiny he was.  Right now he is sleeping on my bed as I type.  The kids are so cute with him.  Ben was singing to him and rocking him tonight and Amanda can't get enough of him.  It has been so long since we had a placement, let alone a baby, I think it might take some time to get used to things, but we are ready.

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