Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I should have known

sigh. well, baby boy did not get to come today.  he is doing well they tell me, but the doctors want to keep him in the hospital until next Tuesday to get more antibiotics into him.  Finally found out why he has been in the hospital and why he had the MRI. He had meningitis!  Scary.  He will have been in the hospital for 4 weeks once I get to bring him home.  Praying for his healing.  I wish I could go up to the hospital and visit and rock him, but I am only the foster mom (note the sarcasm).  Oh, well all in God's timing. :-)

I suppose it's better over all since my Caitlyn has been sick for the past 3 days with a fever and terrible cough.  I took her to prompt care and they said, "looks like allergies to me"  really!  Are you people nuts!  I know I'm just the mom, but even I know better than that.  If she is not better by Friday, I am taking her to our regular dr.

I love being a mommy,  :-)

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