Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We were soo busy yesterday.  In the morning we had to go shopping for a birthday present for one of Caitlyn's friends party that afternoon!  Yes, I took three kids with me.  Then yesterday afternoon, I took all 4 kids to the mall!  Because that is where the birthday party was at build-a-bear.  Wow, that was exhausting. I did manage to get some cute pictures of the kids in green.  Baby boy is doing just fine, he is pretty easy so far other than he is still getting up at 12, 3 and 6 for a bottle.  I am a night owl, but even I am getting tired. :-)  He had a checkup on Friday and his 2 month shots.  I had to take him to the free clinic (which I don't like) but I may try to switch him to a different doctor in a few months.  This week he sees the infectious disease doctor on Wednesday and the case worker is trying to get the WIC stuff switched over.
I found out a little bit more from the caseworker when she came over Friday afternoon.  Baby boy has a 2 year old sister who has been in foster care most of her young life and her foster mom and I are going to set up sibling visits on our own.  Caseworker also asked me if I would transport for visits (which I have never done before because I have always been working) I said I would, and hope I am ready for all that brings.
I really like this caseworker.  She is nice and couldn't wait to hold the little man, and she is also realistic about the situation with mom.  of course, the goal is to reunite,( and I support that if it's the right thing) but she did actually casually mention as she was leaving that "after years in foster care" would I be willing to adopt him.  Depressing and exciting all in one sentence.  oh, and of course I said yes. LOL.

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