Thursday, March 1, 2012

God can change lives!

I truly, honestly believe this to be true.  After re-reading my post from yesterday I realized how negative I sounded.  Yes, Amanda is difficult.  But, she is a child of God and he can change her, I know he can.  I pray constantly for her and for wisdom in raising her and to change me to maybe not set my expectations too high and be merciful and forgiving to her.  JUST LIKE HE IS TO ME.  Being her mother has taught me soooooo many things.  When I get irritated with her when she does the same thing over and over again and she knows it is wrong, I realized that I am just like her. 
How many times have I struggled with the same sin over and over again only to come crawling before throne begging for forgiveness?  And he forgives me, just like that. :-)
So yes, raising this child is a challenge (and that's an understatement) but maybe, just maybe God is trying to teach me (and her) a little something important and refine us to be more like he knows we can be.

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